Dec 15, 2013
We have receptors in our brain for psychedelic drugs. We don’t actually have psychedelic drugs inside of us..but why do we have the receptors, but not the drugs? Perhaps at one time we DID have the drugs. As part of our metabolic process, we generated the drugs and maybe the psychedelic state was THE natural state. If the psychedelic state was THE natural state, these people would then see the tooth of a saber tooth tiger and say “..oooh look at the pretty designs of this tooth..” a consequence of dropping their defenses against an enemy…be removed from the gene pool. So, perhaps, those people who were endogenously/naturally in a psychedelic state were removed from the gene pool and are no longer here. The drugs are not made in the body..but the receptors are still here. Because the receptors were not the hazard, it was the drugs that were generated that was a hazard for survival. That is maybe why some of these plants, with their psychedelic components TURN YOU ON.. because the receptors are intact from generations ago.. but the natural psychedelic metabolite in the body no longer exists.
Alexander Shulgin, Dirty Pictures, (16:00)
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